fredag, januari 2

First follow-up.

Now this went great.

Went to bed around 9pm, was so god damn tired. Set the alarm on 6 am. At midnite i went downstairs for couple sandwiches, since i got hungry and didnt fall asleep. At 1 am i removed the alarms.

Oh well, i guess it take some time to change the routines. I need to eat later/earlier in the evening... Later than dinner, but earlier than my evening sandwiches.

Was thinking about signing up for a zumbagold course too, since the 2 other courses are sadly on same day. Means i have nothing fun to do for the rest of the week. But i was afraid i will take on too much, but then i realised, hey, ive been working with cows, nothing is too much. Thats like gym twice a day. Was worried about my joints, and sure i still have swollen ankles, but my knees. During my 8 years with cows, i never ever EVER had problem with the knees. Knock on wood. Now last 2 months i had some problem in the beginning, but not that much. Just few days. Had more problem with the calf muscle.

The bad thing is, if i do the CE-course, some of them will collide, and that kinda sucks. The CE-course is evenings and weekends, and the driving part is daytime.

The swim-gymnastics also ... well.. yeah. The signing up began at 8 am, when i checked 3hrs later it was full already so.. yey. Another option is that i go to hospital, cry my eyes out, and get it thru the hospital as rehabilitation.

In speak of hospitals, in couple weeks its 10 years since i had my first surgery in the neck. This year will be alot of throwbacks, but thats a way for me to remind myself of what i went thru.

But yeah, back to the zumbagold. Still not sure if to sign up or no.. Its not expensive, so if it collides with the CE-course (wich i still dont know if i may participate in), i guess... yeah... well. Later on i should find some pilates, i think that would be great for my joints. It kinda feels like im having arthritis in whole body, or something,

Heres an example of a joint not working properly. This is my left hand. Can easily put my thumb on the little finger.. and put pressure on.

This is my right hand... Barely touching the finger, even less putt some pressure on it.

Oh well. So this is kinda how the rest of the body feels to. I used to be so bendable, but now i cant do anything anymore. Except for my shoulders, they are still extremely bendable. I had 2 funny times when ppl reacted... one was when a pt we had during the truck course just laughed at me and said i never ever need to stretch my shoulders, it might even be bad for me. The other time was when i was around 16-17 yrs old in school during gym, lying on bench and was lifting weights, and i let my both hands touch the floor. The teacher came screaming to me "No no you cant do that!!", and i looked like a ? and asked why not? That was the first time someone told me im way too bendable. Yes i know my friends laugh when i say bendable.

Oh well time to do something else now.

Hope i have less typos today than yday. That was horrible to read. ;)

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