torsdag, januari 1

New years resolutions, part II.

Yep, adding some other new years resolutions, just for fun, and i know im not gonna keep them anyway (atleast not all of them)... lol, but suddenly maybe i do :D

1. Read more books. I do like read (or listen to) books, but only problem is, i always fall asleep. Always!

2. Less bread. I love bread. Its like choclate to others. But i managed to switch from light bread to darker bread, but now im gonna try to eat less bread. I shit you not, thats the best part of the day, my evening-sandwiches...

3. Mix more food. Now this sounds a bit funny, but im stuck in same things. Example, i love broccoli, either cooked or woked. How about some broccoli pie? Or broccoli whatever? Just something since i like alot of vegetables. And of course try new food.

4. Less of the sweets. Yeah this one isnt really that difficult for me, it just goes in periods. Now i had a period of more sweets cos of xmas, but, yeah, nuff with that now. Im not really stuck in that sweet-wheel now, so.. better do it now than later.

5. Oh, now ive got a good one.. GO FIX MY EFFING HAIR! Jees, im ashamed of my hair... havent done anything to it for.... oh i cant say that out loud. Sussi, be prepared im gonna come visit you one day.

6. One ive been pretty lazy with is taking care of my skin. It really went down when i was close to the burn-out about a year ago, and yes Dermalogica is expensive as hell, and i refuse to use something other... but... Yeah. Ill try. My lipbalm was 52 euros. So yes, thats how expensive DL is.

7. One thing i would like to do, but not sure how or if im gonna do it, but that is to get up earlier in the morning. Around 6, do something right from the morning. I realise now when im not working anymore, my sleeping habits are so effed up. And it feels better to sleep in in the morning when u had to get up early few days ;)

8. Okay now this is goin out of hand, i knew this. .But get stronger. I like beeing strong. Oh god damn i miss my shoulders back from the days. Got a bit panic, since the computer didnt find one of my external harddrives... and i havent made a back-up on all pictures yet!

I forgot the others i was thinking about cos the panic, but i guess ill figure out more eventually ;) 

9. Oh now i rememberd one.. GET NEW FRIENDS. Sounds like its something wrong with my friends, but no... I just want more friends to hang out with. Cant understand how thats so difficult here, it was sooo easy on Åland. 

10. Finish the 2 courses i signed up for, and try to find a swim course. 

11. Ive been thinking about the 10-date challenge, but still not sure if im gonna do it or not. I guess ill see that later. 

That will be enough for today, i hope ill remember these in december to see if i kept them or not :D 


Shit. Had to edit alot of things, so tired i couldnt even type. Not that ever can but.. today was worse than ever :S Shame on me! Im better than that! 

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