tisdag, december 30

New years resolutions.

If ur under 18, stop readin now.

But first (let me take a selfie..), no but seriously, i had some nice thing to wake up to this morning. Or actually i read it during the night, but it made me smile this morning still. Had to take a print screen of it. And later on i told brian that he melted my heart with these words (he so gonna hate me now, for letting ppl know what his nickname on me is lol). But yeah i love to hear it eeevery time.

And now, my new years resolutions. Wasnt really thinking about any. but today i figured out what it will be. Something that ive said before, but this time it made me fed up for real, and now im gonna follow it stricktly. NO sex before the 3rd date. 

Not sure if im gonna tell u guys why this made me so fed up this time, but... Lets just say, the arent any guys who not think with their dicks so. 

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