lördag, december 13

Shitty pms-day.

Some days i just hate everyone and everything. Today is one of those days.

Then my dear sweety, my dear dear Brian turned up on chat and cheered me up.

"You are my sexy legs".

Who can resist that? I just told him i wish i met someone like him. Someone who knows me, someone who can read between the lines, someone who doesnt need explanation, he just knows. Ppl actually thought we was married for real.

I know i can always count on him, even tho he's on the other side of the world, and i've never met him. Sadly. He was as close as germany couple yrs ago... and even denmark before i knew him.

"Sorry to hear that, ya know you can drop me a line anytime, i will answer. but alas on that note i must get back and show my face and pretend im keen, ok sexy legs remember if your not doing it with a smile somethings wrong so change it"

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