måndag, december 29

The love of my life... !


No, but really. Been chattin up with my dear dear friend again, and everytime i realise how much i love him and miss him. Yes Brian, im talking about you. And yes i also know u not readin this, so i can say whatever i want ;)

I dont know if its a coincidence, but i have more views from US (johnny, is that you?) than from sweden... ? Wasnt really expecting that, but sure.. why not ;)

Time to continue this post. Moving some pics from my main hdd to an external, since i only had 5gigs free space left on the hdd. Sadly i got 500gigs less when i had to switch harddrives since the other one broke :S

I really dont got anything to say... um.. yeah i signed up for 2 courses, "morning-gym" (between 9 and 10 am, err), and boxing. Sadly they are on same day, so i dont know what to do rest of the week. Was thinking about doin the swim-gym again, really liked it. Altho my shoulder didnt like it ofcourse. And still thinking about the lady hockey, but im not sure if i can stand on skates anymore.. As usually its eiter 0 or 100, nothing in between. The swimming was a bit expensive, 80 euro for the course (atleast one of them i found, that wasnt full yet), usually they're over 100 euros. The other courses are around 20-45 euros, so i guess ill survive that.

Another funny thing is, (from one thing to another), alot of ppl added me as friend on fb. I dont mind, but i find it funny :D Some of them i spoke with, some i didnt, but as i said, i dont mind, if ppl wanna add me, be me guest :D

Back to the pics, i found something i named Pictures 2014. Aah, cant be that much... err. Or?

30k pictures from 2014? Seriously? I cant believe that, it must be a lie.. ! Atleast ill get 50 gigs free space lol. Oh well, time for bed. Gotta let the computer finish this... 

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